The Blackmailing Neighbour

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The Blackmailing Neighbour Volume One: 1

 TBN Final3

Craig, to a lot of guys, had the perfect life. He had a lovely wife who’s job supported them easily which meant he could do the job he loved.

The problem with his marriage was Marie had to work away a lot and this certainly had its impact on things especially when it came to sex. To keep his sex life active he used escorts but he wasn’t aware that someone had taken notice and would use this to his advantage.

The Blackmailing Neighbour tells the story of Jack entrapping Craig into a situation he cannot get out of and as a result ends up in some man on man action he didn’t want but learns to enjoy.


“I want you to come and suck my cock.”

I’m pretty sure all the blood drained from my head because his words left me feeling faint and the room was spinning. I had never done anything with a man before nor had I had any inclination to do anything. I didn’t find men attractive at all. I was the typical straight, boob-loving male.

“Come on, Jack, you’re kidding. I’m not into all that.”

I could tell from his face he was far from kidding. He stood there looking down at me. If I had been into men he would be worth a go with. Great body, reasonably attractive, but it just wasn’t something I wanted to do.

“It’s your choice. I can contact Marie and let her know what you’ve been doing or you can come over here, get on your knees, and suck me off till I shoot down your virgin throat.”

The last part of the sentence wasn’t even part of an option. He was commanding it. My mind raced with the images of him telling Marie, the argument that would follow, and highly likely– her walking out on me. Feeling sick and knowing I had no choice I stood up and walked over to him. I stood in front of him, not wanting to make any further move.

“Go on,” he told me. “Get down and suck my cock.”

I think that was the very moment I became his. He had full control over me so long as he had the video of the escorts leaving my house. I could only hope in that moment that this would only be a one off.

I slowly dropped to my knees and stared at his huge meat positioned in front of my face. It smelt of pure man. Musky but not in a revolting way as I expected it to be. I was grateful for that. I raised my hand and took hold of the base of his cock and it twitched at my touch.

I decided just to go for it. I moved my head forward opening my mouth and letting as much of his cock enter as I could fit without gagging on it. I wrapped my lips around the shaft as it hardened and grew further. By how much it had grown I didn’t know but I guessed it was easily now about ten inches and I could only get about a third of it in my mouth.

I ran my lips up and down over his cock, surprised by the fact I was allowing myself to do it but also by how it didn’t feel as weird as I thought it would. Instinct must have taken over as very quickly I moved my hand holding the base of his shaft and started cupping and rubbing his tightening balls. I could hear him moaning above me then felt his hands rest on the sides of my head. He started moving his hips in time with my sucking. Occasionally he pushed with a little force causing more of his huge cock to slip past my lips and closer to my throat causing me to gag a little with each push. My hand kept massaging his balls and my other hand moved up and started stroking his body. I was trying all the things I enjoyed in the hope it would result in a quick end to the situation I found myself in.


The Blackmailing Neighbour Volume One: 1

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