Hidden Demon

RELEASE DATE: 21/02/2015

Hidden Demon

Jerry Bennet is returning to work with the CID (Criminal Investigations Department) in Edinburgh following an attack on him by a wanted killer, Doug Crowe. left him with severe head injuries. Following months of healing Jerry is ready to return to work but is faced with changes at work, a new killer.

Has Doug Crowe returned??

Hidden Demon is the first in a series of planned books.


As we reach the door to the apartments she lives in I pull her into me to keep her warm and to help make her feel comfortable.

“I’m glad we met tonight.” I say as I kiss her forehead.

She raises her head to look into my eyes with a sweet expression on her face like that of an innocent school girl.

“Your goodbye kiss needs work if you’re going to show a girl you like her.”

“I didn’t want to embarrass you in front of your friends. They aren’t here now though.”

I gently grab the back of her head and kiss her passionately, my tongue licking against her own as I feel her grab at me wanting more. I part from her for a moment bringing my lips to her ear.

“Take me inside with you. You’ll never forget tonight.”

She needs no more encouragement as she nods her agreement at my proposal and we head inside the main door leading to the apartment buildings

Natalie struggles with her door as she tries to fit her key in as I kiss the back of her neck, my hands are under her dress, lifting it up so my hands can run along the exposed flesh of her stomach and waist. She gives up as her key pushes into the lock and she turns and faces me.

“You don’t like making things easy do you?”

I smile at her before we kiss, Natalie leaning against the door as I push my weight against her. My hands are still under her dress and I move them around and down into her panties so I am cupping her cheeks. I squeeze tightly drawing her into me as she moans against my tongue that is exploring the warmth of her mouth. I start to run my hands around the soft material of her underwear towards her pussy that I know is now getting wet. She lowers her hands onto my arms to stop me.

“Can we get inside first?”

I breath deeply through my nose taking all of her scent in. I can smell her desire for me as clearly as her sweet perfume.

“Sorry but you were taking to long.”

I remove my hands from under her dress and place one on her keys, turning it quickly as my other hand grabs for the handle. I kiss her again as my body pushes her through the open door. I feel her push the door closed with her hand as we continue our quickening pace into her apartment. She stops kissing as she takes my hand.

“My bedrooms this way.”

It is not her bedroom I want to be. I am set up somewhere else.

“Lets not go there.”

I keep hold of her hand and move forward further down the hall.

“I take it your living room is down this way.”

She does not struggle as we move down the hall. She is eager for the enjoyment she has been expecting since I met with her on the street again.

“You really want to go into the living room?”

I look back at her briefly giving her a reassuring smile.

“You’ve had fun in your living room before surely?” I ask her.

She shakes her head gently showing the shyness I know lies within her. Reaching her living room I move quickly but subtly to her couch and place her down in the centre with enough force to make her think I long for her. In a way I do. I drop to my knees and run my hands up her calves and along her thighs under her dress. Looking her in the eyes the whole time I take hold of the sides of her panties and pull them down the length of her soft flesh as she bites her lower lip showing her want for what is coming. Setting her moist knickers on the table behind me I raise the skirt of her dress, my hands returning to her thighs, separating them as my head moves down.

As my head reaches her thighs I can smell her sweet juices waiting for me mere inches away. I run my tongue along the length of her left thigh and reach the source of her wetness. I feel her hands playing with her dress as she begins to undo it. My senses tell me she is letting it drop past her breasts exposing them from the lack of a bra. I slip my tongue past my teeth and lips until it touches the folds of flesh of the only remaining barrier to her warm depths. My tongue runs around the edges of her pussy in a circle. I let the circle grow smaller as the tip of my tongue moves her flesh apart with each cycle, letting more of the warm fluid trickle down into my mouth. With a quick lash, I lick up the centre, between the folds, hitting her clit for the first time and I feel a slight jump of her body.

With quick gentle pulses I flick my tongue across her swelling bud as she begins to purr gently. Grabbing her thighs I lift her legs further apart as I hold them in the air and push my tongue deep inside her as her juice coats my tongue and I lap up the fluids eagerly. As my tongue works I run the tip of my nose over her clit to continue her stimulation. I feel the lower half of her body tightening as her moans grow louder.

“Mmm. Hayden mmm.”

I know the time is right to send her over. I lower her left thigh onto my shoulder and run the tip of the middle finger of my now free hand below my tongue, still deep inside her, letting the juices create a slippery coating along its length. Her body still tightening I waste no time and move my hand and push my finger slowly deep into her ass. The added sensation throws her over and her orgasm explodes, her body twitching, my tongue and finger never letting up on giving more pleasure.

Sliding my head from under her dress I look upon her scarlet face with the hint of sweat formed in various areas. She is lying happily, her breasts exposed as I thought, her hands resting still cupping them I assume from the squeezing they received while I worked.

“My turn.”

I lift her from the couch, her breasts level with my face so I can kiss and suck her nipples as I move her towards her window with the curtains wide open. I set her down with her back to the window and she moves quickly to her knees as she opens my jeans pulling them to my ankles revealing my hard cock. Not stopping she takes my swollen head in her mouth and runs her tongue in circles round it mimicking the actions I had done to her moments ago. I place my hands against the window frame as her head moves back and forth, her lips sliding over my length. Her hand takes my balls and she squeezes gently and tugs on them making my cock swell further.

I take her by her arms and help her up to her feet.

“I’m going to fuck you right here as we look out onto the city.”

She does not resist me as I turn her round placing her hands against the window. I help her move her legs back until her buttocks sit high enough to allow free entry to her pussy. I lower myself, taking a condom from my jeans and remove it from its wrapper as I move up again. I slowly run the condom over my length and move my hips forward towards her and barely feel the tip of my cock reach her lips through the barrier of the condom. I place my hands on her hips and push my full length into her in one push as her pussy tightens around my cock and she moans resting her head against the window. My pace starts slow letting her orgasm build gently. Her walls continue to squeeze against the sides of my shaft as it continues its slow penetrations.

Satisfied she is ready to handle more I reach under her arms, taking each breast in my hands as I pull on them, occasionally grabbing her nipples to give just enough pain to arouse her further. My thrusting inside her quickens and I push harder each time. Her moans are music to me.

Feeling my cock ready to start releasing my seed into the condom I lean forwards and whisper in her ear.

“I told you if you brought me inside it would be worth it.”

She moans her agreement as I reach for the blade I had tapped hidden behind the curtain.

“I’ll never forget you or this night.”

My orgasm is building, I feel the tingle in my balls as I get ready to release in the coming seconds. I lean her head back as I lean in and kiss the side of her neck. I come with force inside her and as she starts to moan at the feeling of my pulsing shaft I slowly pull the blade across her throat until the moans struggle to flow past her lips. I continue to hold her head back as the blood gushes onto the window. I can no longer feel the pleasure from my groin as the quickening of my heartbeat and the lust of this moment takes over completely. Her body stops moving against me. No more noise comes from her. I step back letting my cock release from her before I let go and she falls to the floor.

Turning from the window I look into the mirror that hangs above the fireplace. My eyes sparkling and my face full of life. I reach down taking the panties I had left on the table and place them into my pocket as I stand to look at myself again in the mirror.

“Yes. I will never forget you.”

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