Cole (The Farm)

“Cole” is the first short in the series “The Farm”

Cole has been a Dom within the BDSM world for many years. His friend and playmate, Carol, gives him some information about Master Xander and his training school for true slaves. Cole is intrigued and wants to learn more so puts in a request for Master Xander to train him to become a Master.

Is Cole ready for the difference between this new world and the comfort of the BDSM lifestyle he had become use to. Come and join his adventure from Dom to Slave to Master and learn of a world that is different from the Dom / Sub lifestyle.


They had met each other at a BDSM event that was held regularly. At the time Cole had been relatively new to the scene and was not as confident in the the Dom role as he was now. Carol had been attending the events for some time and was most definitely a submissive. The event was held in the basement of a bar. It had been converted into a function suite specifically for this kind of event. The room had no windows, very dim ceiling lights and was painted in black and red around the walls and trimmings. There was a bar in the function suite to save anyone having to head back upstairs and around the room there were tables and chairs to watch the main floor from. The main floor had five different pieces of equipment including Stocks and an ‘A’ frame.

It was the naked woman in the Stocks, who he would later learn was Carol, that grabbed Cole’s attention when he arrived. She was slightly overweight but the curves of her body suited her. Being bent over in the Stocks pushed her buttocks out nicely. They were marvelous looking globes of flesh that shone a light shade of red from spankings she had received before his arrival. The sight of her caused his heart to pound and his cock to stir as thoughts of his hand clapping against each cheek ran through his mind. He had walked around the main floor a couple of times admiring the equipment and the people bound to them but he had been sure to stop for longer periods to admire Carol in the Stocks. He stopped beside her for the third time and this time Carol spoke to him.

“Please don’t just look at me. Spank me. I need spanked now.”

Cole needed no further invitation and he moved behind her and let his hands caress over the warm flesh of her ass. He started with gentle strokes before he started to grab and pull at her cheeks as he built up to the task she was yearning for. Carol let out quiet whimpers each time he squeezed her.

“Please spank me now. Stop teasing me.”

One thing Cole had never liked was when a submissive begged demands of him and Carol learnt this quickly when his firm hand crashed down hard against her cheek with his full force. She screamed out more from the shock but there was definite pain there as well. Cole looked around the area and noticed people were now looking directly at the show he was putting on before them. He heard Carol catching her breath.

“Are you okay? Maybe a little hard for the first spank.”

“You caught me off guard more than anything.”

Cole began rubbing the area he had caught with his hand which was now bright red.

“Want me to stop?”

“God no. Punish me.”

He smiled softly at her response as he began to punish her ass as she wanted. His hand cracked down against each cheek in turn and Carol cried out each time. Every few slaps Cole would stop to rub her ass or run his fingers through the lips of her pussy as she grew wetter over time. He noticed that his audience had grown and they watched the performance unfold with eager eyes. Cole was unsure how much time had past but her bum was burning from abuse and he could hear Carol sob through tears. He stopped his attack on her arse and returned his fingers to the folds of her wet depths and massaged gently.


Cole (The Farm)

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