Ten Minute Teaser No. 1


Picture added by Ashley Westphall-Carr and picked at random to write a ten minute teaser

He had been true to his word. She was exquisite. The soft light above her highlighted the curves of her body as she sat on the cold floor. She was naked and her arms were bound behind her as I had requested. Cynthia was one of Max’s best slaves and I had wanted her from the moment i had seen her on display in her glass cage at his recent exhibition in London. Max never let anyone spend time with his slaves. I can’t say i blame him because i would never want to share Cynthia with anyone. My investment in his company was to much for him to decline me this one favour. A high cost for a single evening with most women but for Cynthia I would give my fortunes for even a moment with her.

As i approach her she can hear my footsteps and turns her head as far as she can to see me for the first time. During the exhibition her cage was well lit while outside was dark so the slaves could never see who was viewing them. Stepping out of the shadows she could see my full naked form. I could see her eyes tracing the outline of my muscular body and the length of my growing cock that grew harder with each step at the growing expectation of touching her, of tasting her.

Finally standing in front of her I help her sit properly before me as i slowly kneel so my head is level with hers.


That one word stumbled from my lips as the nerves of the moment took over me. It had been pointless speaking since i knew she had been ordered not to speak throughout the evening. Max had many rules. She would not be allowed to speak. No penetration was allowed though oral was agreeable. I could not hurt or mark her in anyway. She had to be returned in the same condition she had been made available to me in. Every part of my being wanted to have her completely. To be able to spank, bite and fuck her but the restrictions I had agreed and bound myself to made the moment even more exciting. She was a forbidden fruit in my garden of eden fantasy.

Leaning forward I let my lips touch hers tasting the sweet cherry flavoured lipstick she was wearing for the occasion. My cock ached as it caressed her thigh and her tongue parted my lips beginning to tease the tip of mine. I was lost in the moment. Time appeared to slow as our tongues made sweet love to each other in our embrace.

I couldn’t wait any longer. Letting our lips part I began kissing my way down her neck reaching her supple breasts and taking each nipple in turn between my lips and running my tongue with gentle flicks as i suckled on them. My kisses continued down to her belly button where once again I allowed my tongue to explore. As my kisses moved further downward I could hear clearly as she moistened her lips with her tongue, sensing her own excitement build.

I was unable to go any lower as her thighs were pressed together blocking my path to the destination i so vitally needed to reach. Running my fingers up her calves and over her thighs I can feel her shudder at the touch. Her gasp was clear as I grip her thighs. This woman is an angel to me but nothing will stop me having her. I easily separated her thighs and my eyes glisten at the sight of her pussy already gleaming with droplets of moisture waiting to be licked. I don’t refuse myself the chance and quickly my tongue glides between her wet lips, pressing lightly over her clit as i reach it. Each stroke of my tongue against her is long and firm as her taste intoxicates me. Her thighs part further as her need for me increases, allowing my tongue to explore deeper. Her moans begin to echo through the empty warehouse enticing my tongue to explore deeper inside. The ropes that bind her make it difficult for her to balance and she allows herself to fall gently against the floor.

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.”

She breaks the rules herself as she cant stop herself from crying out against the pressure building within her drenched pussy. Her hips move uncontrollably but she is unable to escape my pleasuring. Her thighs grip the sides of my face and her hips push off the floor as she screams into the darkness that surrounds us. Brief moments pass and her body lays against the floor once more as she breaths heavily into the cool air.

There is no time to rest. We only have one night. Standing to my feet I help her to her knees. I have to say nothing as her tongue begins to run up the length of my meat which strains against her touch. Her tongue explores every inch of it as i gather her hair in my hands.

“I can’t hurt you but i can for one night make you mine.”

My words are clear to her and her eyes look deep within mine begging me to take her. My grip of her hair tightens as i plunge my cock into her mouth which she eagerly takes. She doesn’t move. She allows me to buck my hips back and forth as i hold her steady. Her mouth is the only thing i can fuck and fuck it i will. My tip presses against the back of her mouth with each thrust. After a few times she raises her head slightly allowing my length to push deeper as it eases into her throat. My motions are quick and along with her experience it stops her reflex to gag on my throbbing cock. Her lips tighten around my girth and she sucks each time my cock retreats from her, milking my cock like i had never felt before. As i look down again into her eyes I see a tear roll over her cheek from the pressure of my cock against her throat. That was it. She was mine. Maybe for just one night but she was definitely mine. My balls squeeze and my cum escapes from me. Her tongue licks along my cock as i ease my hips back releasing the pressure from her throat.

My legs are weak and shaking. Unable to carry my own weight I slowly let myself drop to the floor as Cynthia lays beside me, her back pressed against my chest and her hands softly caressing my cock and balls from their position tied behind her back. Although the night was not yet over I was satisfied in the moment. It didn’t matter to me what it had taken to get to this moment I only cared that the moment was here and it was more than i had ever hoped for.

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